Adult Triathlon Program

By on January 1, 2018


Tri-Cities Triathlon Club’s a well-rounded triathlon program that takes a holistic approach to sport, and has been developed to make better triathletes, and also better athletes all around. Along with athletic ability, other valuable skills will be a focus of the program including goal-setting, race strategy, and healthy approaches to the world of triathlon.

What’s included?

  • Certified and experienced coaches at every practice to provide feedback
  • 2 coached workouts:
    • Coaches on paddleboards at Open Water Swims (Summer Only)
      • Course Markers (buoys), Swim Gear when necessary
      • Planned routes and structured workouts
    • 2.25 hour Sunday group workouts (Winter/Spring/Fall only)
    • 1 hour Weekday group workout
    • Weekly training plan
  • A team environment that fosters healthy competition and teamwork
  • Meet the Coaches


Registration open now (Fee wills be pro-rated for late registrations)

There is a separate annual TriBC membership that is required (even if you do drop-ins!) for practices

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