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This made me question my worth and my value in any relationship

By on June 7, 2022

This made me question my worth and my value in any relationship

Filipinos, as most Southeast Asians are, they do not throw their elderly into homes for the aged, either. Their parents stay with them until death.

Now, I reside in Cambodia, and have for going on 7 years. The previously listed reason is one of several, as to why I have lived in SEA, full time, for the past two decades. I have no intentions of living anywhere else, ever.

You can see with only one eye open, but you’ll probably run into things and stub your toe. The big picture matters.

The holy trinity of wholesomeness: Fred Rogers – be kind to others; Steve Irwin – be kind to animals; Bob Ross Oryginalna strona – be kind to yourself

This is kind of bittersweet, Dale talking about “game”. Probably like many, I had a rough adolescence. So I worked to develop my “game”.

The only areas this breaks down are areas where women are basically using the government to take the place of the husband as a provider, then they are focusing more on sexy, cool, etc

There were some bright spots (for Dale); back when we still wrote checks, I was out of state at college and there was a super beautiful checkout clerk taking my check. She said “I’m going to need a local number” and I came back immediately with “I was just going to say the same thing!” It worked, numberwise anyway. (more…)